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track listing
one leave it on (new version)

two gare de lyon (new version)

three  minnesota plates (from ep3) mp3

four hospital no.32 (from ep3) mp3

five shark infested (from ep3)

six  sonata   (from ep2) mp3

seven   watermeloncholy (from ep1) mp3

eight  jp2k (from ep2)

produced by lateduster with jeremy ylvisaker, rich mattson, and ben durrant.

"When taken together in a single sitting, the songs compiled on Lateduster ... lend themselves to zoning as easily as a rainfall. But picked from the pile, individual tracks drill into your consciousness. Every tricky beat yields a graceful hook, every movement moves." - City Pages

Released in October 2002, Lateduster's first full-length CD combines remastered tracks previously released on the 3 eps with 2 new tracks, providing a comprehensive listen to material from the first 2 years of the band's work. hand screen printed by Martin & PT3K  in the front porch.  click here to order

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